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Aline originally studied languages and communication, before adding management and transportation matters to her academic curriculum.

After more than 20 years acting as a go-between between stakeholders, among which the Powered Two Wheeler sector, she decided to work on her own and choose the projects she wants to dedicate time and energy on. Her company, CREASOL Services, now provides the perfect umbrella to conceive, develop, coordinate complex and interconnected projects, with several common patterns: freedom of mind, human empowerment, sense and consistency, positive Economy.

Aline’s technical expertise includes: Government liaison, Public Affairs, EU Research Projects, Road safety, Association Management, Training, motorcycling, Intelligent Transport Systems, Africa, Communication.


Since 1998, Aline has been involved in political work at all decision-making levels, covering sectors as different as education, glo

bal trade, mobility, environment, consumer protection, safety and ICT.

In the course of her career, Aline actively participated to the preparation and discussions of several major pieces of European legislation impacting the future of the transport system. She also participated to standardization and research activities, while coordinating projects with the target objective to improve legislative consistency in EU regulation work, and improving collaboration between involved stakeholders.

During these years, she has been analyzing national and international policies, assessing political developments, directly liaising with the whole range of stakeholders, from NGOs to national government representatives, law enforcement, academic and research institutions actors, and other national, regional, and international partners, to plan and facilitate high level advocacy.

This experience started as soon as university, as student representative, to follow on with the private sector, as Human Resource and Financial Officer for Telefónica S.A., then as Communications Manager for the European motorcycling industry, before finally heading towards the non-for profit sector as FEMA General Secretary.

Work covered includes activities like monitoring and report drafting – in French (her mother tongue), English (her working language), or else Spanish (her 3rd proficient language) -, or building capacities and collaborative relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders – from national government representatives, European Institutions, or international organizations like the United Nations, the OECD, or the European Standardization bodies – , whole of which part of her day-to-day activities.

Her activities also involves supervision, review and coordination work, including analytical reports (e.g research project outcomes), summary documents for different audiences (e.g. board, press, policy makers, civil servants, partners), or else working programmes. Participation to official meetings, liaison and building up support at all political levels, along with the development of strategic partnerships, were part of her core duties besides acting as the head of FEMA Brussels office between 2006 and 2015.

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