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20160823_134628Originally set up in the hearth of the European Union, where European and international decisions are made, it foresees to soon expand in Dakar (Senegal) to ease cross-continent activities.

Today, the company is progressively developing, step by step, at human pace, considering every needs, and consolidating a systemic approach for a solid identity.

This atypical approach participates to the slow movement philosophy, which aims, among other objectives, at

The company also seeks to gather synergies, and is keen on welcoming collaborative partners looking at the same direction either for a project, an initiative, or sometimes the entire philosophy. Collaboration is indeed on of the company’s key values as a way to make use of the unique collective intelligence.

The overall objective of the company see every one grow in full respect of others, in our fragile ecosystem.





L’enfant découvre la vie, sa vie… Pourquoi attendre l’âge adulte pour découvrir des outils qui leur faciliteront la vie, que ce soit avec eux-même ou avec les autres? Pourquoi attendre d’éventuelles difficultés scolaires, sociales ou familiales et devoir demander de l’aide professionnelle … read more

Motorcycling Matters

Powered two-wheelers (PTWs) are a popular form of transport providing mobility to millions of people worldwide. However, unlike other forms of motorised transport, PTW users, like bicycle riders, remain more vulnerable due to the intrinsic characteristics of the vehicle. Over … read more

Branding Africa

L’initiative Branding Africa résulte d’un faisceau de constatations socio-économiques réalisées depuis une dizaine d’années en Afrique et en Europe et de la rencontre avec plusieurs entrepreneurs d’Afrique de l’Ouest (Aïssa Dione, Dr. Marie Diallo, AÏda Duplessis, Aboubacar Fofana, Ousmane Mbaye) et la … read more

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